City of Minneapolis Metro Transit Bus purchased for a mobile metal studio/classroom/exhibition space.

Clean it out and throw a 13th birthday party movie projection sushi making too celebration.

Scrubbed free of grease and what-not, sealed engine area and polished the stainless  –  helllooooooo?

The back build-out underway with framed in live/work and storage space.

Framing of back area and bathroom.

Fabricating walls from white erase board from the U of MN Reuse Center.

Working on the new workbench!

Presenting the ever so adventurous display case.

Getting outside for some vinyl peeling….

and a work/play camping trip to the State Park.

Workbenches, tables, stools and ELECTRICITY are in……

The first phase is nearly complete – the toilet, grey water and bus wrap are next! The bus also needs a new wheelchair lift (as I recall this is the reason that I began my mobile sculpture foundry in my van 12 years ago).  I am receiving much support for the WOW bus and a Kickstarter campaign and fundraiser are underway!