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The Sci-Fi Metal Art Sculptor
What can an object reveal about interplanetary travel? Sculptor Sara Hanson created bio-scenic public art sculptures designed to share images between earthlings and outer space. Hanson also just bought a bus to contain her mobile foundry and workshop so she can travel around and teach others to make metal art. KFAI’s Dixie Treichel reports.


Sara Hanson is a Minneapolis-based sculptor, public artist and community collaborator that brings accessible opportunities to interact with and participate in art into communities, public spaces and unexpected places. Hanson’s work invites exploration and discovery of identity, time and place while offering a connection to others and the universe. Her work has been exhibited locally at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, Walker Art Center, a TEDx Minneapolis event at the Cowles Center for the Arts, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and currently has installations at Lake Nokomis, Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, Midtown YWCA and several schools, businesses and organizations. She has been awarded grants from Forecast Public Art, Minnesota State Arts Board, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and a commission from the City of Minneapolis for an Artist-Designed Public Drinking Fountain. In 2005, Hanson founded Broadcasting W.O.W.! (workshop on wheels), a traveling sculpture foundry that creates community public art and most recently expanded the operation to a renovated city bus, The WOW Mobile Metal Lab and Show!

Art Maker

My artwork emerges from an investigation of astro/geological and self-created recordings of time, human exploration and forms of communication. These ideas translate into my sculptures through the formation of deep-sea and planetary life and the observational equipment/modules that accompany their exploration. The materials I use, cast metal, lights and lenses, conceptualize the internal/external mechanics of these objects, beings and places.  The process of metal casting is essential to the formation of a piece and is the physical manifestation of my exploration.  Lenses and light offer perspective, change perception, and expose internal landscape.  I invite you to explore internal spaces, your surrounding environment, others, and yourself – conduct your own research and make your own discoveries.

Community Collaborator and Teacher

A traveling sculpture foundry that conducts demonstrations, workshops and residencies that educate, inspire, and celebrate personal expression and community vision through the cast metal process.  The WOW travels to schools, businesses, organizations and into communities offering programming for all ages and skill levels to participate in the process of creating individual cast metal sculptures or collaborative public art.

Studio classes and workshops in sculpting, mold making and metal casting with a focus on exploration of materials and techniques for individual expression.  Traditional and experimental processes for individual, group, and parent and child/teen classes and summer camps.  All ages, skill levels and interests.  We pour aluminum, bronze and pewter in resin-bonded sand, loose sand, green sand, standard investment, molasses molds or we shall see…….

I work one-on-one with children, youth and adults at all skill levels and at any stage in their artistic process.  My mentorship includes one-on-one facilitation, instruction and promotion while working with the individuals’ goals and needs.   We create, collaborate and partner with communities, artists, organizations and businesses.  I have 13+ years of experience in art instruction, advocacy, client care and working with the (dis) abled community.

ARTSHARE – Creating Shared Art Experiences for the Northeast Community
We are a group of diverse artists who conceptualize and facilitate art collaborations. These collaborations become projects that are created by the northeast community, for northeast the community. We believe that art-making is a valuable and cohesive community event; that art-making stimulates confidence in the individual and group creative process as a viable modality for creating solutions and addressing neighborhood/community action.

Audio-Guided Walking Tours

Bioscenic Travel Machine from Nick Clausen on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “about”

  1. REbecca Doyle, the mother of the 15yr old son

    dear Sara,

    i would like to know if you’d consider making an exception to allow my nearly 15yr old son (on Oct 8/18) to JOIN HIS DAD, in the ‘Metal Casting with Sand Molds’ Community Ed class offered this Oct?

    my son is home-schooled (has taken a semester metal welding course at Chicago Fire Arts last yr, and a mini glass paperweight Com. Ed. class at Vandalia Glass Works this last spring). we are also trying to get an exception in w/ Gita and Flux Studio/Foundry for the ‘Bronze Cast’ 16yr limit class in Nov/Dec…. so this is probably more a probable ticket than your 18yr limit? still, i’d love to sign them up for both courses if possible. but of course there is reality and liablility, so we CAN wait a couple years for your awesomeness! 🙂

    hmm, i am looking for a tele # i could call to talk live, but don’t find one listed. my home line is 651-644-7161 and email i’d love to talk ASAP if possible, as i know your class will fill up fast! thank you, Rebecca Doyle

    ps. if you ARE up for this exception, i think you will have to contact the Com. Ed. folks to give them permission, before i can sign up. i had to work it like this with the Vandalia glass class too.


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