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Thank you to filmmaker Nick Clausen.

See it on the BIG SCREEN! 

Collection of Short Films About Minnesota Public Artists Screening at MSPIFF

An innovative new program/partnership between 

Independent Filmmaker Project Minnesota and Forecast Public Art


St. Paul MN, March 27, 2014–IFP Minnesota and Forecast Public Art have partnered to create a series of short documentaries that feature recent public art projects in Minnesota. Eleven of the resulting shorts will screen together as a program called Shorts 11: Forecast Public Art/IFP MN at the 2014 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, one of the largest and longest running film festivals in the country.

The collaboration was formed as an effort to capture the stories and processes behind public art. Recently awarded Forecast Public Art grant recipients were matched up with filmmakers from IFP Minnesota in an exciting, new pilot program. The short films document an astoundingly wide range of art making: from a bicycle powered nighttime light show to a temporary textile installation and more.

Shorts 11: Forecast Public Art/IFP MN, scheduled for 4pm on April 19 at the Northrop Auditorium’s Best Buy Theatre, features public artist and filmmaker duos, respectively: Liz Miller and Mark Wojahn, Todd Boss and Mike Hazard, Sara Hanson and Nick Clausen, Eben Kowler and Jeff Brandt, Tim Donahue and John Akre, Soozin Hirschmugl and Allison Herrera, Mara V. Pelecis and Satya Varghese Mac, Alison Holland and Jon Steinhorst, Jason Bord and Deacon Warner, Dane R. Winkler and Lucas Langworthy, and Randy Walker and John Akre. More information about Shorts 11: Forecast Public Art/IFP Minnesota can be found on the MSPIFF 2014 website. Tickets are available online or at the door.

IFP Minnesota’s mission is to advance a vibrant and diverse community of independent film and media artists through networking, education, funding, and opportunities for showcasing their work. Since our founding in 1987 we have acted on the belief that economics, culture, race, religion, and ideology enhance the ability of the storyteller, and should not act as barriers to the development and completion of new film and media.
Forecast Public Art supports communities in creating meaningful public places through art. Connecting the needs and opportunities of communities with the energies and talents of artists, Forecast supports artists with strategic career development, provides public art consulting services, and brings public art into classrooms. These direct services are complemented by information resources, including Public Art Review, the world’s leading public art magazine.


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