The September 2016 installation date has been rescheduled for this spring.  A broken foot has postponed the landing and mission of this machine!

Bio Scenic Travel Machine, Cyto-Squad to land at Silverwood Park, St. Anthony, Minnesota in May!

The Bio Scenic Machine will offer a kaleidoscope optical instrument to discover and explore the ecology and environment of Silverwood Park – mirrored reflections of plants, microscopic images of organisms, and other biological specimens – through the seasons.

The Travel Machine is here to research and contain a collection and record of life on earth – the natural world of Silverwood Park – and share it with visitors of the park and “unspecified” recipients.

Thank you to the panel- Eileen Cohen/Park Art Educator and Exhibitions Coordinator, Amy Toscani/Minneapolis Sculptor, Alyssa Baguss/Arts Programming Coordinator,  Tom Moffatt and additional park District staff.


Silverwood Park, a Three Rivers Park District facility located in St Anthony, MN, is devoted to the integration of artistic creation and nature-based experiences. Each year, over 275,000 guests visit the park. We are a unique 120 acre park in the Twin Cities area, offering spectacular views of Silver Lake, restored prairie, and mature oak forests. The main visitor’s center includes a gallery, café/coffee shop, gift shop, and large event hall. Other amenities at the park include education facilities, picnic sites, fishing opportunities, and paved trails. Nature-inspired artwork is exhibited in the gallery, performances are scheduled in a multi-use amphitheater, and art classes are offered throughout the year. More information about the park is available at