Transform sugary marshmallow with liquid metal!
You pour it, you personalize it and you show it off…….

All ages and experience levels
Saturday April 20, 2019, 1am – 5pm
The Metal Shoppe – 2919 Como Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
-one long block near Insight Brewery on E. Hennepin.
$40.00.  (hey, if you’re a repeat metal-caster come and get a $5.00 cash bonus!)

It’s that time of year to cast metal bunnies, chicks and other spring delights and sugary sights. In this workshop you will pour aluminum into pre-made sand molds, grind/file your casting, personalize/paint/embellish and finalize with a presentation choice. Choose from materials to – place your Peep quietly in a nest, in a surprise basket, a trophy or sculpture base, Peep on a Stick (in a plant, garden or vase), a row of Peep family portrait for the wall, a Kinder Joy cast metal Peep in an egg or put your Peep in your pocket and call it a day!

Let’s transform candy into metal and celebrate Spring together.
This is a fine art, craft and fun event.
5 Peep casting limit. Unlimited eating, of course.

Experience the Dissolving Peeps Experiment Live!
What dissolves Peeps the fastest? water, vinegar, apple juice, soda, laundry detergent?


Sara Hanson is a public artist, a cast metal sculpture instructor and fun maker-taker.  She has been bringing opportunities to explore and create into communities for all ages and abilities for over ten years.  She loves to fan the flames of personal experimentation and fancy creative curiosities.

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