Spherical Reverie
aluminum, steel, acrylic, time capsule contents
South Education Center, an alternative education high-school program for students ages 12 through 21, Richfield, MN

Time Capsule Metal Casting and Collection Project
In Honor of the 10th Anniversary of South Education Center
Created with learners at Intermediate District 287 South Education Center
Contents to be opened in 2028

During a three-week residency we explored the creation of time capsules, and contemplated our future selves and our society. Students sculpted with modeling clay and found objects, built sand molds, watched as the molds were filled with molten metal and sculptures were broken out of the molds.  Spherical Reverie is a celebration of our individual expression and an offering of our history for you to explore and make your own discoveries.

Thank you to South Education Center participating artists/staff, Sandy Lewandowski/Superintendent, Jayne Tiedermann/Principal, Karen Bendtson/DCD Instructor and primary residency facilitator, Sandi Shetka/Art Instructor and the Minnesota State Arts Board.





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